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Wall & Ceilings

 GenieClip - Acoustic Isolation Clip
These compact rubber /steel isolation clips hold standard furring channel ( hat track). The GenieClip is designed to break transfer of both structural and airborne noises and can be used in virtually any wall or ceiling application where gypsum drywall is used.

Green Glue for Walls & Ceilings
Dampens air and structure borne sound and can be used in virtually any drywall wall or ceiling assembly. Green Glue can also be used in plywood and OSB assemblies. Green Glue is extremely easy to use. No special trades or training required. Ideal for DIY applications.

SilenSeal Acoustic Caulking
Acoustical caulk - an inportant step to every sound control for walls and ceilings application.
Finally a replacement for the messy black stuff !
Barrier Material for Walls
Barrier materials can be installed over the wood studs and behind the drywall to control sound from transmitting from room to room.

Barrier Material for Ceilings
Barrier material installed on the underside of the joists can be used to control sound from transmittting through the floor / ceiling assembly.

Iso-sill Acoustic Isolation System

Is used to act like a permanent gasket to reduce sound and vibration transfer through the building structure.

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